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Updated 3/9/14

Photo Abby - Spayed Female Shelter Mix. Approx DOB 06/2000. I am definitely one energetic girl! I thoroughly enjoy life and everything about it, but I must admit that I do not get along with other dogs very well. I like to be the only one around getting any type of attention, so I need to go to a one dog home! I do have some arthritis now, too, so I do need a special medication every day. I would love for you to come visit me, but you need to let my caretakers know so they can show you the way to my living quarters! I am excited for you to get out here and meet with me!
Photo Benedict--Neutered Male Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix. Approx DOB 07/2012. I am one sweet little guy! I love people of all ages and sizes, and I also love other dogs! I promise if you take me home I will bark to alert you of any strange things going on, but once you tell me it is okay or pick me up and give me love to assure me, then I will be a big baby! I am ready to spend my nights lounging on the couch or in bed! Won't you come take me home soon?!
Photo Birdie--Spayed Female Lab/Pointer/Weimeraner (???) Mix. Approx DOB 02/2011. I am a very sweet lady who is looking for a place to call my own. My caretakers call me a "regal" lady, whatever that means, but I know that I deserve the best and I want to be sure that is what I get! If you think you have room in your heart and home for a sophisticated gal like me, then please come out and meet me soon!
Photo Bob--Neutered Male Terrier Mix. Approx DOB 01/2012. I am one handsome boy, but I am pretty shy. I was saved from near death at animal control, and I am very thankful for that. I am still learning to trust people, so it may take me a little while to warm up to you. But I can promise you that if you give me a chance I will love you and stand by your side no matter what. I just need a chance to show what a great dog I am and how loyal and loving I can be!
Photo Brooklyn--Spayed Female Shelter Mix. Approx DOB 12/2012. I am one of the sweetest dogs you could ever know once we spend a little time together. I was brought to the sanctuary from a home with over 100 dogs, and I was desperately trying to protect my 6 new puppies! I was pretty scared at first, but I quickly learned that some humans actually take care of you! I am ready to go to a home now with some humans that I can trust and love and that will love and trust me back! Come out and meet might take one or two meetings for us to make sure we are the right fit for each other, but if you are willing to give me a little time then I am willing to spend it with you!
Photo Cleopatra--Spayed Female Lab Mix. Approx DOB 10/2012. I am in need of someone who will love me forever! I was found running around a rig with another dog and some nice men brought us to the sanctuary. I was so scared when I first arrived and it took a while for me to trust anyone, but now I am coming out of my shell! I am still very shy at first meeting, but if you spend a little time with me I will be the most loyal and dedicated dog you will ever know!
Photo Crockett - Male Shelter Mix. Approx DOB 02/2011. I was brought to the shelter with my brother after we were rescued from a horrible situation. We were abandoned with no food or water, and most importantly no care of any kind. I have opened up a little, but I am still pretty shy. I am just scared that you will leave me, too. If you give me treats and let me lay my head in your lap, I will fall in love with you and will be yours forever! I am really cute and sweet, and I just need someone to give me a chance! I promise I will be the best companion you could ever hope for!
Photo Crooks - Neutered Male Pitbull Mix. Approx DOB 06/2010. I was totally abandoned by my owner and I am in need of a new home! I am really sweet, but I still have some "puppy" energy so I need someone who is willing to spend some time working with me on some basic training skills. I am pretty unsure about other dogs still, so it would be best if I could be an only dog for a while. I do love kids, though...the more the merrier!
Photo Dahlia--Spayed Female Lab. Approx DOB 02/2013. I am a true sweetheart in every sense of the word! I love people and other dogs, especially if they like to play with me! I am still a young pup, so I do have energy that will need to be worked off. If you like to walk or run, or even just play around the house then I am up for it! Please come out and meet me soon!
Photo Daisy--Spayed Female Pitbull Terrier. Approx DOB 08/2012. You might remember me from my cute little puppy picture when I was just a baby here at the sanctuary. I was adopted and went to a good home, but some things happened and I had to be brought back to the sanctuary. My trainer here has been working with me on some skills I didn't learn, but I am doing really well! I am much bigger than the last time I was here, but I am still just as cute and sassy! I would love to meet you and see if you might be the right human for me, but I want to make sure you are in it for the long haul because I sure will be!
Photo Dolly--Spayed Female Lab Mix. Approx DOB 07/2011. Looking for a playful dog? Tug of war? Fetch? You name it and I want to do it! I am full of fun and joy, and I just need someone to share it all with! I came to the sanctuary when my previous owner could not longer keep me and brought me to... Animal Control. I love kids of all ages and sizes, and I really miss them since I had them in my other home. I am ready to get back into a home of my own, so please come out and see if you might be my perfect match!
Photo Frasier--Neutered Male Terrier Mix. Approx DOB 04/2012. I am one wild and crazy boy! I love, love, LOVE to have fun and I am always up for a good time! Car rides, walks or runs in the park, playtime with other name it and I am ready to go! I would love to find a home where I can feel even more confident and loved, so please come out and meet me real soon if you just need a little spark in your life!
Photo Grace - Spayed Female Lab Mix. Approx DOB 11/2005. I was "abandoned" by my previous owner, which ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened to me! I was treated with love and care for the first time in my life when I got to the shelter, and it has taken me a while to get used to that! Sometimes when my caretakers come in my kennel I still grab their arm with my mouth...although not to bite, only to make sure they stay in with me and never leave me! I need some special attention and patience, but I know that I would make a good pet for you! I love to play in the swimming pool, and I love to talk to you about anything and everything! Won't you come out and see me? I would love to know if you need to be rescued as much as I do!
Photo Gypsy - Spayed Female Mutt. DOB 04/2011. I am a very loving girl...and pretty cute, too! I get along well with other dogs as long as they are okay with me being playful! I love to run and caretakers say I would be great at games like Frisbee...but I would rather be beside you than chasing the Frisbee! I like to be petted and have belly rubs...that will earn you lots of kisses in return!
Photo Hank - Neutered Male Shepherd Mix. Approx DOB 01/2002. I am a little older than some of the other boys here, but I can run with the best of them! My new caregivers saved me from euthanasia, and boy what a difference it has made for me! I have always been with my sister, Sage, and I would like to go to my new forever home with her. I am a very loving boy who listens and learns you have room in your heart and home for the two of us?!
Photo Harry--Neutered Male. Collie/Boxer Mix. Approx DOB 05/2012. I am a sweet boy, but I am a little shy and reserved with people. I love other dogs and would really like to go to a home with one or two more! I came from a place where there were over 100 dogs and I did not always get the best care or attention, and I am ready for that! If you have some patience with me, I know I could be your best friend!
Photo Honeybear- Spayed Female Chihuahua. Approx DOB 01/2005. I am a little older which means I am somewhat set in my ways. I was found on the loading dock at Dillard's, and the great people at Lone Star came and picked me up. I was so scared that I was not being very nice to people at first, but I am warming up and realizing that people are really pretty sweet for the most part. I am still pretty leery of men in general, and kids kind of scare me. (They're so small!) But I love to be held and just rest in your lap or on your shoulder, so if that is what you are looking for in a companion, then come out and meet me!
Photo Ike--Neutered Male. Boxer Mix. Approx DOB 11/2013. I am a playful little pup who just needs a chance! I was abandoned with my sister and I just need someone to show me what love is really like! I long for my own toy box full of toys that I can attack and play with all day! I would also love to just crash on the couch with you after work and watch fun movies! Come out and meet me if you want to add a lot of love to your life!
Photo Janie--Spayed Female Pitbull Mix. Approx DOB 03/2011. I have a very special story, and if you come out and meet me my caretakers can fill you in on all the details! I was brought to the sanctuary by the director of animal control under some special circumstances, and I have thrived since  have been here! I am learning basic manners (although I still pull the leash when I go for a walk because I just love it so much!) and I am learning how to behave properly. I am ready to go to a home where I can learn even more about love, so if you have a special place in your heart and home for a super special dog, then please come meet me soon! Oh, and you have to ask for me specifically because I have a special suite here at the sanctuary and my caretakers will have to show you where I stay! (It's like my own house!)
Photo Jasper - Neutered Male Lab Mix. Approx DOB 06/2003. I am what you would truly call a "shelter dog". I have been here at the shelter since I was about 6 months old...but I can't complain too much! I have been well taken care of, even given my own private yard to share with my girlfriend, Jasmine. I would need to go to a home that could take us both in, because she is really attached to me and she needs me to take care of her. That is just the type of guy I am....a true gentlemen! I promise I would be a gentlemen at your house, too, if you think you could give us a chance!
Photo Jasmine--Spayed Female Heeler Mix. Approx DOB  12/2005. I must admit...I am one of the most loved and most cherished dogs at the sanctuary. I have been here for a few years, and I am finally ready to spread my wings and find my perfect home. I am a very shy dog and I need a special, patient person who is willing to go very slow with me and allow me to open up on my own time. I would do really well with another dog, as I think of my running mate as my "security blanket." There are some special requirements for my adoption, but if you are really ready for one of the sweetest gals around to become part of your life, then please come talk to my caretakers today!
Photo Jojo--Neutered Male Spaniel Mix. Approx DOB 05/2011. I am as cute as a button if you can't tell! I love people and I desire to be with you always! I was injured as a puppy and so sometimes when people pick me up it hurts and I might growl. My caretakers think it is best for me not to go to a home with small children, even though I love them, but just incase they try to pick me up or play a little rough with me. I would like to go to a home where it is quiet and calm, although I do love to play with other dogs and get a little rough and tumbly! Come see me soon to see if you think you would be the perfect person for me to grow old with!
Photo Kennedy - Spayed Female Shepherd Mix. Approx DOB 03/2011. Okay, let me tell you right up front that I am what they consider a "shy" dog. I am not sure what that means, but I can tell you that I am scared of most people. I like to be given treats, but I am not a big fan of being touched and hugged. I like to have a companion, and usually if I have another dog around I will just do whatever they are doing. I am just kind of an independent girl who needs a yard of my own to guard and protect. I will warm up to you, but it will take me some time because I just don't know how to trust people yet. Do you think you can give me the time and patience I need to be the best dog I can be?!
Photo Kixx--Neutered Male. Shepherd Mix. Approx DOB 04/2013. I came to the sanctuary from near death at animal control, and I am so grateful to be here! My brothers and sisters have all been adopted, and I am now ready for my new home! I love to play and run and chase tennis balls! If you have some energy and need a walking buddy, then I would be perfect for the job!
Photo Juliette--Spayed Female Boxer Mix. Approx DOB 01/2013. I was at animal control resigned to my fate, and then this really nice lady came in and looked at me with more love than I had ever known. I knew at that moment that I would be okay! I was brought to the sanctuary and taken care of, loved on and babied a bit. I am now ready to go to a new home where I can be the sweet, loving girl I am made to be. If you would like to meet me then please come out to the sanctuary soon...I will be patiently waiting!
Photo Luna--Spayed Female. Lab Mix. Approx DOB 01/2013. I am a pretty indeopendent girl. I do not require much, but I would like to know what it means to be loved unconditionally. I came to the sanctuary from a lady who had over 100 dogs, and I was never given attention or love that I craved. I am learning slowly how to trust people, and I would love nothing more than to know that I am loved no matter what. If you have a big heart and would like to share some of your love with me, I would be more than willing to accept!
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