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Updated 5/6/15

Photo Abby - Spayed Female Shelter Mix. Approx DOB 06/2000. I am definitely one energetic girl! I thoroughly enjoy life and everything about it, but I must admit that I do not get along with other dogs very well. I like to be the only one around getting any type of attention, so I need to go to a one dog home! I do have some arthritis now, too, so I do need a special medication every day. I would love for you to come visit me, but you need to let my caretakers know so they can show you the way to my living quarters! I am excited for you to get out here and meet with me!
Photo Addy--Spayed Female Terrier Mix. Approx DOB 10/2008. I am referred to as a "diva" by my caretakers, although I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing! I like things the way I like them and that is it! I came to the sanctuary from another shelter and I was hoping to go into a new home very soon! I am a very sweet dog, but I do not like other female dogs. I just want to be the only lady in the house, so if you can handle that then you can probably handle me!
Photo Banner--Neutered Male Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Shepherd Mix. DOB 10/2012. I was born at the sanctuary a few years ago and adopted out as a puppy. Sadly, my family returned me because they said I was too protective of my yard. I am's in my breed...but I am just trying to do my job! I love my family and will do whatever I need to do to keep them safe! I am a very sweet boy, but I do have a little anxiety at the sanctuary. This is a very busy place and I would much rather be somewhere it is quiet and calm! Come on out and meet me soon to see if we could be best friends! I would love it if you would throw the tennis ball for me all day!!
Photo coming soon! Birdie--Spayed Female Lab Mix. Approx DOB 02/2011. I may have very sad eyes, but I am one sweet, happy gal! I came to the sanctuary pregnant and very sick. I have finally gotten better and am all healthy, so I am ready to be adopted to my own home! I am pretty protective of my yard and family, so please be sure to have a big yard for me to run around in! You can come out and meet him any day...I will be patiently waiting!
Photo coming soon! Blue--Neutered Male Lab Mix. Approx DOB 03/2014. My caretakers call me the goofiest boy at the sanctuary...and I guess they might be right! I am super silly and super sweet, and super, SUPER fun! I just love everyone and I just love to play all the time! You need to have an active life to keep up with my energy because I always want to be on the go! I will be waiting for you so come on out get me!
Photo coming soon! Briggs--Neutered Male Terrier Mix. Approx DOB 09/2013. I am one active little guy who would just love to be your best buddy! I came to the sanctuary from another animal shelter and although it is great here I am really ready for my own forever home! I love to explore and learn new things, and I love to run around the yard and work off my energy! If you want a walking buddy then I would be just perfect for you!
Photo coming soon! Callie--Spayed Female Jack Russell/Mixed Breed. Approx DOB 11/2010. I am one of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet! I lived in a home so I am house trained and I know a lot of commands already. I get along great with most other dogs, and even prefer to have a canine companion around. I also love kids of all ages! I am very calm and laid back, so if you want an older lady who is not too much trouble, then come on out and ask to meet me!
Photo coming soon! Carmella--Spayed Female Chihuahua Mix. Approx DOB 01/2014. If you are looking for a sweet lady then look no further! I came to the sanctuary and was completely paralyzed from the hips down. My caretakers rushed me in to the vet and they found out I had some dislocated vertebrae in my back, probably from being hit by a car. It took some time, but I have fully recovered from my injuries and am now very healthy and happy! I am ready to go to my new home and run like I love to do...would that be okay with you?!
Photo Cleopatra--Spayed Female Lab Mix. Approx DOB 10/2012. I am in need of someone who will love me forever! I was found running around a rig with another dog and some nice men brought us to the sanctuary. I was so scared when I first arrived and it took a while for me to trust anyone, but now I am coming out of my shell! I am still very shy at first meeting, but if you spend a little time with me I will be the most loyal and dedicated dog you will ever know!
Photo Daisy--Spayed Female Pitbull Terrier. Approx DOB 08/2012. You might remember me from my cute little puppy picture when I was just a baby here at the sanctuary. I was adopted and went to a good home, but some things happened and I had to be brought back to the sanctuary. My trainer here has been working with me on some skills I didn't learn, but I am doing really well! I am much bigger than the last time I was here, but I am still just as cute and sassy! I would love to meet you and see if you might be the right human for me, but I want to make sure you are in it for the long haul because I sure will be!
Photo Dolly--Spayed Female Lab Mix. Approx DOB 07/2011. Looking for a playful dog? Tug of war? Fetch? You name it and I want to do it! I am full of fun and joy, and I just need someone to share it all with! I came to the sanctuary when my previous owner could not longer keep me and brought me to... Animal Control. I love kids of all ages and sizes, and I really miss them since I had them in my other home. I am ready to get back into a home of my own, so please come out and see if you might be my perfect match!
Photo Dublin--Neutered Male Wolfhound Mix. Approx DOB 09/2012. If you have been waiting your whole life to fall in love, then I will volunteer for the job! I am so easy to love because I am so sweet! I love women and children, but I am not a big fan of men sometimes. My caretakers think something must have happened to me previously, but I just tell them that I am just a one woman kind of man and I want a one man kind of woman! If that is you, then please come out and meet me! One requirement is that you have to be willing to share your bed and cuddle!
Photo Eleanor--Spayed Female Great Pyrenees Mix. Approx DOB 03/2007. If you are in search of the perfect dog, then your search ends here! I am one of the sweetest dogs with the most gentle nature that you could ever meet! I get along great with other dogs and cats, but I would be fine being an only dog that could get all your love! I came to the sanctuary from an overwhelmed caretaker and I was in pretty bad shape. My caretakers took me and got me all fixed up health wise, and they got me groomed. I don't think I have ever felt better in my life! Then they did something really amazing...they put me outside where there is grass and dirt and I could run around! I absolutely loved it, and I would absolutely love to come home with you so I could experience even more wonderful things every day!
Photo Flora--Spayed Female Lab Mix. Approx DOB 12/2013. I am one happy, go-lucky gal! I was brought to the sanctuary as a baby and adopted out. Sadly, I was picked up by Midland Animal Control and my family didn't want to come get me. Lucky for me, the caretakers at the sanctuary came right down and brought me (and my canine friend!) back to the sanctuary to give us another chance to get adopted out! I am very sweet and absolutely love to play with other dogs! I also love kids of all sizes, but sometimes I scare the little ones because I get excited and jump up to greet them! But if you promise to help teach me not to, I promise to try my hardest to do what you say!
Photo Franklin--Neutered Male Dachshund. Approx DOB 07/2013. I initially came to the sanctuary from animal control with my brothers and sisters. They have all been adopted but sadly I have been overlooked. I am a really sweet boy and my caretakers always tell me they don't know why I am still here. Honestly, I don't either! I am handsome, sweet and very playful! I love other dogs and I love to run outside and enjoy the fresh air! I also enjoy going for walks, so if that is something you like to do then maybe we could be walking partners for life!
Photo Honeybear- Spayed Female Chihuahua. Approx DOB 01/2005. I am a little older which means I am somewhat set in my ways. I was found on the loading dock at Dillard's, and the great people at Lone Star came and picked me up. I was so scared that I was not being very nice to people at first, but I am warming up and realizing that people are really pretty sweet for the most part. I am still pretty leery of men in general, and kids kind of scare me. (They're so small!) But I love to be held and just rest in your lap or on your shoulder, so if that is what you are looking for in a companion, then come out and meet me!
Photo Jasmine--Spayed Female Heeler Mix. Approx DOB  12/2005. I must admit...I am one of the most loved and most cherished dogs at the sanctuary. I have been here for a few years, and I am finally ready to spread my wings and find my perfect home. I am a very shy dog and I need a special, patient person who is willing to go very slow with me and allow me to open up on my own time. I would do really well with another dog, as I think of my running mate as my "security blanket." There are some special requirements for my adoption, but if you are really ready for one of the sweetest gals around to become part of your life, then please come talk to my caretakers today!
Photo Jitterbug--Spayed Female Chihuahua Mix. Approx DOB 09/2014. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Life is so great! I am so excited to be here and to be able to run and play with my friends every day! But you know what I would really love?! To go home with you and be your one and only! I am such a sweet girl who is full of fun and love and I would love to make your world complete!
Photo Joey--Neutered Male Dachshund Mix. Approx DOB 11/2013. I am a super sweet boy with lots of love to give! I was found running down the road and a very sweet lady took me in! She kept me at her house for a while until the sanctuary could take me in, and she taught me lots of cool stuff! I was almost completely house trained, I learned how to play very well with other dogs, I learned how to interact properly with cats, and I learned that I love people of all sizes and ages! If you think you need the perfect addition to your home and family, then come out and meet me real soon!
Photo Joseph--Neutered Male Great Pyrenees. Approx DOB 08/2012. I will be very upfront and honest...I am one of the most handsome boys around! But I do need someone who is patient and willing to help me learn some manners! I was adopted out and was returned to the sanctuary because I have a lot of energy and my family was not willing to work with me on it. I am now a little older and bigger, so there are some things I do (like jumping up to greet you!) that I think are sweet, but they are not really good! I need someone to help me understand what things are good and what things are bad because I am a really good boy and all I want is to be loved and accepted! Do you have time to help me learn these things so we can grow together?!
Photo Kennedy - Spayed Female Shepherd Mix. Approx DOB 03/2011. Okay, let me tell you right up front that I am what they consider a "shy" dog. I am not sure what that means, but I can tell you that I am scared of most people. I like to be given treats, but I am not a big fan of being touched and hugged. I like to have a companion, and usually if I have another dog around I will just do whatever they are doing. I am just kind of an independent girl who needs a yard of my own to guard and protect. I will warm up to you, but it will take me some time because I just don't know how to trust people yet. Do you think you can give me the time and patience I need to be the best dog I can be?!
Photo Kixx--Neutered Male. Shepherd Mix. Approx DOB 04/2013. I came to the sanctuary from near death at animal control, and I am so grateful to be here! My brothers and sisters have all been adopted, and I am now ready for my new home! I love to play and run and chase tennis balls! If you have some energy and need a walking buddy, then I would be perfect for the job!
Photo Luna--Spayed Female. Lab Mix. Approx DOB 01/2013. I am a pretty indeopendent girl. I do not require much, but I would like to know what it means to be loved unconditionally. I came to the sanctuary from a lady who had over 100 dogs, and I was never given attention or love that I craved. I am learning slowly how to trust people, and I would love nothing more than to know that I am loved no matter what. If you have a big heart and would like to share some of your love with me, I would be more than willing to accept!
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